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   To love or not to love !  To be a woman, or not to be a woman. To change or not to change!     Is it true blondes have more fun ? My story in text and pictures!

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Do you need sexual Surgery (SRS) to live happily as a woman?  A controversial discussion of SRS  (English version.)  (German version.)
Divorce ! A letter to my children and my day in court (My worst day!)  English Version German Version 


Jacqueline the artist ( english) Deutsche Version



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A day at the high court London 2005

A battered child

The early days 

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Changing it all

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A head full of curlers

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Who am I ? What am I ?

The advantage of being a woman

The price for being a woman

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Can you live as  a woman, can you be a woman, every day for the rest of your life, with the past as a male and without sexual surgery (SRS)? I'm doing it every day. Read my story, look at the pictures and find out how the person I never dared to dream of, became reality. How a second life turned into success. The highs, the lows, the frustrations, pains and disappointments. The pitfalls, the learning, the joys and the rewards of womanhood.

This page is dedicated to all those, who believe beeing a woman is wonderful, love and sex is wonderful and SRS something we don't need!


I'm not really sure why I publish these pages. Why this sudden compulsion to write and present all these pictures ? I  admit that for some years I thought about writing of  my past, but never did I think it would be today. 

So, why did I get involved? Basically it was all an accident. What I really had in mind, was to publish a homepage about my art work and my life as an artist (which I did, see www.skulpture.ch ). Then one day out of curiosity I entered “Transgender” into one of the search engines. I was amazed and overwhelmed at the vast amount of pages this topic brought forth.

Years back when I started my first adventures as a woman, this was all different. I could hardly find a friend or sister who shared my compulsion. I knew there must be others like me, but I did not know how to find them. Finally I placed an ad in my local newspaper. Two papers refused my add. The word “Transvestite” was sexually too ambiguous and unacceptable. I changed the wording and soon afterwards I found a first handful of people like me. That’s how Femme Travestie (Today Femme Persona ) the first and still only organization for Transvestites in Switzerland was born.

And now suddenly this mass of information. I am overwhelmed by all these pages from transgenderd  people. I am amazed, how in a few years so many sisters have come out of the bushes to present their stories.

But why am I doing it. I am past the stage, where you have this compulsive urge to talk about my so called “hobby”, to anybody willing to listen; and to convince the world how real, how good-looking and passable a woman you are. As a matter of fact it is years since anybody asked me about my past, or that I volunteered to talk about it. My new life has become so natural, that the past is almost totally forgotten. Almost, but most likely not totally. There still must be some things of my past, that I have not yet completely digested. Some pain may still be buried and some pride in what I have done and accomplished is still waiting to be acknowledged.

So in the end I am doing it for myself. To purge myself of the last painful memories of times gone by. I cant even say I’m doing it for all those struggling to find there new way to a  feminine self, because thank God, you are not alone anymore the way I was, when my story started. There are plenty of sisters and institutions to give you advise and support.

Except maybe for one thing; the story about SRS. The fact that I did it all without SRS and that I’m so happy about it. That you can be a woman and live as a woman without sexual surgery. I offer my new life, as proof in text and pictures and if this fact, prevents one doubting soul, not to make this final and irreversible step, then I think my story and my effort in publishing it, was worthwhile.


So here it is. My story in text and pictures. I have not yet a concept on how to organize it all. I think I will start with bit and pieces as they come to my mind. If you have questions or if you find there was a topic which I abbreviated too much (If anybody reads it at all !!) please let me know.

In telling my story I will try  to write about things which either, uniquely add to my feelings why I am, what I am, or are unique and interesting as to how I think about the topic; or because it is just plain interesting reading. I have read so many life stories about TV’s and TS’s that I will do my best not to bore the readers with facts and stories he has experienced himself and/or has read over and over again


1. A short biography. Realy just the highligts!

2. Jacqueline the person. I think the best article, that was ever written about me.

3. Bits and pieces. (With a few pictures) A collection of small paragraphs. Insights, hindsights, advice, questions, adventures, stories and more! ( I will try to add to it as time goes by)

4. Index to my picture gallery. I tried to present only the best pictures without useless repetions of the same poses. Some glamour, but mostly shots out of my daily life.

5. Is there an alternative to SRS? A lecture I held at FemmePersona the Swiss Organisation for TS/TV/TG's                                                                    

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