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kalla - 06/23/99 17:03:08
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hiya jacqueline, i saw you today in the leather room .. well so i clicked on the url. i just wanted to say .. bravo .. this is an excellent web site. i found it educational, and insightfull. Thank you for putting forth the effort to communciate ... it's what helps all of us to understand and grow. i know i learned something today. i gained some understanding. For that i thank you.

- 06/21/99 22:50:57


tom bradley - 06/20/99 20:36:47
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I like to kiss you.

You're very comely. Tom

Natasha and Rémi - 06/20/99 13:22:16
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City: Vlissingen
Country: Holland

Hi ya. we are two ts girls from Holland. We loved your web site, and also thought that you were very very very attactive, so we had to sign your guestbook. Keep up the great work. Love Natasha and Rémi. icq if you want to 31455728 xxxxxxx

chris - 06/19/99 07:41:41
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Gratuliere Dir. Diese HP ist sehr toll gestaltet und mal was anderes. Du bist eine sehr attraktive Dame. Mein Faible für schön frisiertes Haar ist in Deinen Bildern fast wiederzuerkennen. Mach weiter so....

Bernard - 06/18/99 20:56:08
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City: Bern
Country: Switzerland

Herzlichen Glückwunssch zu dieser, äusserst proffessionell gemachten Homepage, sowie zum Inhalt und zur Person.... Mach weiter so! Bernard

Bobbi Jo Williams - 06/16/99 16:24:34
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I understand that English is not your first language, so I thought you'd like to knopw that the singular form of the word is WOMAN and the plural is WOMEN. You consistently use the plural when you mean the singular, as in "The secret of dressing as a wome , of wanting to be a women." It's very distracting.

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