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Discussing art with world famous painter Hans Falk at one of my shows. 1992

WithGiardino.jpg (104433 Byte) Being introduced at a fashion-show.1997


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With former bicycling worldchampion Ferdi Kubler at a benefiz gathering1998 WithKubler.jpg (78604 Byte)
WithWeder.jpg (104954 Byte) Listening to Gusti Weder, former Olympic bobsledding champion at a charity gala dinner.1998 WithFlowers.jpg (92059 Byte) Getting flowers, at the opening of one of my shows.1990
WithInterview.jpg (72012 Byte) Giving an interview With Gallery Owner U.Hauser in front of one of my bigger sculptures. Hauser_Ursula.gif (103661 Byte)
Opening a jewelry show at the boutique of Marion W.1997


WithMarion.jpg (77118 Byte) With famed gourmet cooking star Bruno Keller1997 WithBrunoKeller.jpg (63355 Byte)