PopTennisBanquet.gif (201024 Byte)

At a banquet of my tennisclub 1996

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popHat.gif (199156 Byte)

I always wanted to see how I look in a hat! Here with friend Sasha.

Giardino1.jpg (100438 Byte) May 1999 Fashion show. Models wearing my jewelry. The MC introduces me as the designer.
PopRicky.gif (309604 Byte)     Acting as MC introducing a show at our local comunity centrr Popcancan.gif (205750 Byte)

Some years back. Its showtime with friends at the Club Med. The blonde one, is me; if you didn't guess it !

PopSideview.gif (223084 Byte)

I never liked pictures taken from the side of me. This is an exception!

PopOtranto.gif (116077 Byte)

Just an old picture, I found

PopCar.gif (118604 Byte)

Ready to take a ride with my new car!

     Home PopIrene.gif (154111 Byte)

With Irene a good friend in my garden!

Popspeech.gif (149848 Byte)

Acting in my role as chairwomen 1998

PopKitchen.gif (133535 Byte)

In my kitchen, ready to go out to a gala dinner. The dress my own creation; all of it!,Incliuding sewing.

PopStanding.gif (159573 Byte)

I like this picture because of the hairdoo. Another great job by my beautician 1997