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One of the great compassion’s every TS/TG/TV has, is taking pictures. I guess we just cant believe how different, how beautiful or sexy we look as a woman and want to save and savor those precious moment for all eternity. I'm no exception. I too have collected piles and piles of memories. It is hard to make a choice and I will try to present really only those which I think are good and have some significance to the story I'm about to present. What I'm really trying to express, is to show that my life today, is no different than that of any other woman; working, living and going places. The days and moments to look extravagant, sexy and glamorous are rather rare and if you live every day fulltime as a woman, you get to realize, that most  of the daily chores, do not lend itself to be dressed as a glamour queen. So I have also selected pictures which are scenes of me at work, with friends, vacations or other special occasions.
The saga goes on! I had to visit  Pandora's Pledge again  Aug.2007 T
The new me!   Continued A visit to Pandora's Pledge Aug.2006
The new me!   Continued A visit to Pandora's Pledge Aug.2005
The new me!  A visit to Pandora's Pledge Aug.2004
Vacationing in Tunisia Nov. 2003 and Sept.2004
MMy new toy!
Visiting a bridal shop March 2004
DSCN0941.jpg (76050 Byte) New At the beautician Jan 2003 I just love going to the beautician and let myself beeing pampered. I dont know why but having my hair in curlers, turnes me on. This page is all about my weekly visit to the beautician.
als ich plötzlich erschreckende SchmerzenThe latest Pictures Part1 May 2002 You wanted new Pictures. Here they are. I had bought a new digital camera and had to try it out immediately. I liked the result in terms of the camera as well as my myself in the pictures. What do you think ? Please let me know !


DSCN0196.jpg (70625 Byte)    Scarves, sarves, scarves!! I just love silk scarves in all shapes colors and prints. I rarely go out without one. I wear them over my shoulders, my head or arond the neck. The sexiest way however ist to me the Grace Kelly look. Here you see me wear a few samples of my collection.
Welcome to my boudoir¨! These pictures where taken by a famous artist friend, a painter. He wanted to paint me. (which he did!) Next to the scetches he also took the shots of this page.
FashionGold.gif (69713 Byte)The fashion show ! Some years back I was asked to participate in a fashion show. It was one of many dreams coming true.
portraitbath2.gif (38961 Byte)A special photo session! At one of my exhibits I noticed a photographer taking unusual often pictures of me. She finally came to me and told me that she was faszinated by my person and if she could come to my house,to shoot some more photos. We became friends and thats how these pictures came to be.I think its really good photography. (The model isn't bad either! What do you think ?)  
Potpourri 1 A mixture of different pictures some old some new
IIn the public eye   Some highlites and memories of life in the public eye.
Potpourri 2 Some more mixed Pictures 1999
Bride1.jpg (102610 Byte)A dress to dream of ! New Mai 2000 A dream came true. See my most recent pictures!
Travel1.gif (207880 Byte)

Traveling around the globe!

Some of my favorit pictures from my travels to foreign places.

Skiing Every February you will find me vacationing and skiing in the Swiss alps.
PortEarlyDays1.jpg (95690 Byte)The early days Pictures and text recounting my early days. Some good but mostly times I like to forget
My jewelry Here you will see some of the jewelry I created. I just won two international design awards.If you like to see the whole collection, details about exhibits past and coming, please visit my other homepage 
My art work Here are pictures of my latest sculptures I created. For additional pictures and more information about my work and my live as an artist, go to my other homepage
At work ! Creating my artwork.