Just Friends

Here I present  TS/TG/TV Girls that somehow touched my heart, either because of the story, the content of what they have to say and/or the makeup of the homepage itself. I tried to be  quite selective according to my standards. They are: The text should be interesting, the pictures aesthetically acceptable, good photography and not repetitive (not the same pose 20 times) All in all, something that is a pleasure to download and worthwhile to spend time looking at and reading.

tawny1.jpeg (44342 Byte)

Tawny is the first gal I thought worthwhile to open this special page. Here story really touched me. It reminded me so much of my own struggles, pains and obstacles to start my new life. Her looks are fabulous and a pleasure to look at. I highly recommend her page as valuable reading.



Tiffany Michelle Great looking gal with really beauty

full photography. Very interessting homepage.


Jacqueline X Just liked the way she looked. I admired her makeup and the way she poses herself in the pictures.  Good homepage.